Lucas Sherrill

Lucas Sherrill (Co-Owner & Founder): All company financial data will be kept on a cloud accounting platform located online so managers are able to review, update, and edit financial records from any internet connection. As Derive will only be starting with 5 full time employees, Lucas will also be handling all the administrative activities within the company for the time being. Lucas is the former Bar Manager of a small company comprised of over 15 employees, and has managed every aspect of business operations. Craft beer and the artistic interpretations inherent within it have become a personal passion for Lucas. He has been a home brewer for more than 5 years as well as having graduated from the Siebel Institute of Chicago with a Master Brewing Degree. He is presently a member of the Ohio Brewer’s Association. Lucas is a combat Veteran, having served in the military overseas, even overseeing a team of his peers. This service to our country as well as his ample management experience have well-prepared Lucas and proved him greatly capable of leadership and adaptability. With his experience and background in business coupled with his passion for craft beer, Derive stands an excellent chance of becoming a very successful craft brewery and local hot spot for beer enthusiasts.

Peter Steffes

Peter Steffes (Co-Owner, Founder, & Brewmaster): Peter holds a B.S. in Food Science as well as a B.A. in English Literature from The Ohio State University. For three years, Peter worked as a product development food scientist and team leader for one of the largest food corporations/parent companies in the world. Routinely in charge of the creation, production, and success of multi-million dollar international products, he has traveled everywhere from Utah to South Africa to execute their oversight. Additionally, Peter has over 10 years of home brewing experience and has brewed professionally for a local brewery for 4 years. He will be responsible for the production and distribution of Derive beer. He will also be responsible for ingredient sourcing, recipe development, production scheduling, beer production, quality controls, product storage, product shelf life, and product delivery. Peter will serve as Brewmaster, proving himself a vital asset to the production of unique and special release limited edition beer. With his foundation in chemistry, microbiology, and engineering - coupled with his experience in brewing, Peter is poised to be a great asset to Derive both in creativity and scientific capacity.

Michael Coates

Michael Coates (Sales/Minority Owner): Michael holds a B.S. in International Business from Wright State University. For the last decade, Michael has been responsible for acquiring and managing multi million dollar books of business within the localization industry. Michael is currently a Director of Sales for the fastest growing major localization company in North America. Michael has been a home brewer for more than 10 years and was a pivotal contributor to the success of Dayton Beer Company during its start up in 2012 - where he worked with founder Pete Hilgeman on sales and marketing strategies, recipe development, and brewery and taproom operations.

Zach Adams

Zach Adams (Director of Operations/Minority Owner): Zach holds a B.S. in Family Resource Management and Financial Planning from The Ohio State University. Zach has spent the last 14 years working in the financial industry. He currently works for one of the largest wealth management firms in the United States as a Licensed Financial Representative. Zach has previous experience as an entrepreneur - spending five years of his career as a day trader. Zach has been homebrewing for over four years and looks forward to utilizing his knowledge and experience of both finance and craft beer to help Derive grow to become a successful and well regarded craft brewery.